Earlier this year we had the chance to talk story with Venezuelan Marina Zawisza about the film project she was working on, 3 Killas y Un Kiwi – 3ky1k. The film features 3 latina female surfers: Sofia Mulanovich, Simone Zea, and Ornella Pellizzari, with Kiwi ripper, Paige Hareb, thrown in as well. Since we last spoke with Marina, she`s been travelling, surfing and filming her star chicas all over the place – from California to Hawaii to Nicaragua to secret spots. While here at Salt Gypsy we even had the chance to meet up and surf with Simone Zea herself in Bali (a real treat and shots coming soon). Editing is currently in process and I have to say I`m extremely looking forward to seeing what this talented lady creates with such strong and graceful surf subjects.

If you want to check out sick surfing and keep up to date with Marina`s roaming doco, click here.

3ky1k Trailer

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