It`s not everyday a press release hits your inbox showcasing the creative collaboration of very cool NZ fashion label, Stolen Girlfriends Club, with Australian boardmakers, Haydenshapes. I admit I am very biased towards pretty much anything Kiwi-made or designed – it`s my homeland afterall and we are a hard-working, and sometimes fruity bunch, all the way at the bottom of the world, but you have to agree – these boards are pretty slick. I`m already envisioning the Cigarettes board gracing the Salt Gypsy Roaming HQ. Yip, we wouldn`t mind surftesting these puppies…

Here is the official press release for your reading pleasure:


“STOLEN Objects, look out for Counterfeits”

A collaboration between Stolen Girlfriends Club and Haydenshapes Surfboards.

Drawn together by the parallels of art, design aesthetic, rebellious spirit and a mutual love affair with

the ocean brings a collection of limited edition art pieces in the form of surfboards;


 Pop colour silk fabrics in themes of neon skulls, cigarette butts and bright purple hydrangeas are the print foundations that lay across an EPS foam base beneath an epoxy laminate, creating a line of surfboards that would be sure to stand out in racks amongst the surrounds of their traditionally bone coloured or spray printed counterparts. Truth be told, you won`t actually find these amongst the racks. Hand made by custom order, each limited edition piece is unique to the buyer’s specifications. Although some may hang them on their wall as art, they are in fact high performance surfboards available in any desired model from the Haydenshapes 2012 range.

The smooth surface of each board is predominantly matte finish, with the exception of arbitrarily selected shapes within the fabric’s print, which are a gloss polished and infused with a coconut scent. With a background and love of surf, New Zealand designer threesome Luke Harwood, Dan Gosling and Marc Moore of fashion label Stolen Girlfriends Club came across Haydenshapes, an innovative Australian Surfboard brand created by Hayden Cox. From there, an idea organically unfolded…

“Stolen Girlfriends Club is launching into a new category of exclusive branded “Stolen Objects” and what better way to kick off this offering then to team up with a likeminded brand like Haydenshapes who share our common interest of “authentic-ness” and design.” Stolen Girlfriends Club.

Having recently launched into the global sphere, now available in over 72 countries, it’s Haydenshapes cult following and science behind the shape of their boards that have thrust the brand into new heights.

“Haydenshapes is known for weird and unique shapes and designs, so injecting this way of thinking into creating the STOLEN X HAYDENSHAPES came naturally. From the bright and bold fabric inlay that extends to the rails of the board to the scented resin – it’s fun to create something fresh that you don’t see every day.  Stolen Girlfriends Club has that radical yet high end vibe that we really dig,” says Hayden Cox.

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