What`s the story behind your line of surfwear, Kalikala CJ Waterwear? When I was 5 months pregnant I couldn’t surf anymore so I found a new hobby. I started to design and sew swimsuit bottoms for myself. Soon, other girls were interested in buying my designs. I decided to start my own business and name it Kalikala CJ Waterwear because my name is Crystal and Kalikala means Crystal in Hawaiian and my nickname is CJ.
What styles do you offer and where can we buy them? I design many different styles of Brazilian bottoms. I’m always creating new designs and testing them out in the water to make sure they stay on while surfing. A few of my designs are made simply for fashion and not surfing. You can purchase them at my Etsy store.
You currently live in Carlsbad, California. What`s the female surf community like there? I mostly surf in Oceanside where many talented female surfers come to compete in contests.
How do you see the current state of female surfwear? HoneyGirl Waterwear has sponsored me for years and I’m still on their team. I love their suits! My designs are different than theirs.
You`ve lived a very salt gypsy lifestyle: travelling around the world, competing, modelling, living in Hawaii and now you`re mum to a little girl grommy – congratulations! How is life as a surf mama? Life as a surf mama is busy. Anela is my first priority! I don’t want to miss out on her growth. Basically, I only have time for Anela, sewing and surfing. Sometimes I sew late into the night. My dad and my husband help a lot with Anela when they aren’t working.
Any tips for other surfing mums out there? Don’t miss out on your child’s growth and development. Kids grow up so fast!
You also have a degree in Dance – awesome! What forms of dance do you enjoy most? I did mostly ballet and modern dance in college but I enjoy all forms of dance. My baby Anela love to dance too!
Words you live by: You have nothing to lose!
Favourite surf destination: Indonesia
Your essential surf travel items: Bikinis, surfboards, and I couldn’t leave without my husband, Alex, or my baby, Anela, and all of her gear!
Crystal da Silva is a Californian surfer, mama, and maker of Brazilian-style surf separates. Check out her online store, facebook page and team rider profile. Photographs provided by Crystal and taken by Chris Grant of Jettygirl online surf magazine.

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