Hi Daisy! You have a very fine, illustrative aesthetic and use a range of media in your practice. What are your favourite materials to use? The basis of my work is simply the use of a fine liner pen and working this into whatever surface/material I have on hand. My style, although illustrative and imaginative in my head, on paper shows quite a restraint towards just being free with my hand and letting loose onto the material. I’m learning slowly to let go of this, with the pieces I’m doing at the moment on canvas, using spray paints, inks, card and pens to develop a more mixed media approach to my style.

What’s your art background? My art background started from a very early age being taken around endless art galleries by my parents and being influenced by my family. My Dad is an artist while my Mum studied art and went onto be a buyer and other creative paths, and my brother is a graphic designer/filmmaker, so it was hard not to follow that path.

Struggling at school academically, art was the only thing that I truly enjoyed and was half good at. But the style of drawing that I have adopted started from College, where I studied an Art & Design course for a year. I found out that all of a sudden I had something that could  be developed and used in so many different mediums, which lead me to use my designs as prints on t-shirts and bags for my final show. Exhibitions have only really started happening recently, from being a part of The Hackney Wicked Festival 2011 in London, UK, to having my first solo exhibition in May on an awesome Narrowboat, The Book Barge, which was an incredible and very humbling experience.

What inspires you and your art practice? Everything inspires me and my work, from Photography, Fashion, Street Art, Boardsports to Architecture. But the main influence is Nature. It has a huge impact on the style, colour and detailing in my drawings and also really has an impact on everything we do, so it’s hard not to take what`s around you, in! Oh, and most crucial of all is my daughter, Amelie, who inspires me to create and push the work in new directions and make everyday an adventure. 

Boardsports? I live in the middle of the UK, so unfortunately there are no waves close by and I must confess I have never, as yet, tried surfing, which I have always wanted to do..definitely sinful! But I have taken up longboarding (skating), so its pretty close to surfing, just on concrete. I’m learning, so can’t quite stay on it for long, but I love it and it’s an amazing feeling of freedom gliding along..hoping to inspire my daughter to pick a board up and get shredding when she’s older.

Places yet to go? I’ve always dreamt of going to South America! Its so rich in colour, art and culture, and it’s wildlife and scenery are so vibrant and epic..Would just be inspired by everything!

Words you live by? To be healthy and happy..simple!

*Daisy Campbell is a UK-based artist. Check out her online gallery and for more press, click here and here.


  1. Sorry for dragging you around ‘endless galleries’ Daisy! I remember lots of very good lunches too. All part of a balanced education I feel. Love your work and love you too! Dad

  2. Daisy,

    Your work is beautiful. I really like what I see! I launched a women’s surf adventure company a few years ago and I’m looking for someone to help with artwork. I saw your work and thought is ask if you do any free lance.

    Thank you!


  3. Hi Jessica,

    Yeh I do freelance..Would Love to do something together! 🙂 My dream is to do artwork for anything Board related, so this would be awesome!

    My email is: daizziecampbell@gmail.com

    Get in contact and can discuss your idea’s?


    Thank You


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