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So I was hard at work on the boat the other day when I noticed a wee blonde pixie picking off a few big ones at one of my favourite spots in the Maldives. On her backhand no less and absolutely schooling the guys out there! Turns out she was just finishing up a stint training over here as a Tropic Surf surf guide. Bubbly and lovely and charging in the surf, we found it imperative to find out more about the young Maddy Phillips

Hey Maddy, welcome to the Maldives female surf guide club! What`s your story? Hey Hey! Very excited to be part of this crew. Finished high school last year and surf guiding has always been something I have wanted to do since I was tiny. So I did what any frothing grommet would do and I collaborated all my qualifications together, packed my board bag and bikinis and headed to the magnificent Maldives.

Where is your hometown? And if we came to visit, where would you take us for a quintessential experience of your place? Noosa Heads in Australia. I would show you a place called Double Island Point. Okay: imagine a place where you can go 4wd along the beach, camp and surf amazing spots, and it is basically right at my door! Coloured dunes, great surf…. it is a home away from home.

What`s the female surf community like there? At home we have a lot of female surfers in the water. It is quite refreshing watching another woman paddle out into the lineup and dominate. It definitely makes the men think twice about how they treat us in the water. The girls I surf with just want to have fun and get wet and those sort of surfs are always the most enjoyable.

What do you do when not charging in the tropics?? I skate alot 🙂 and I also started boxing about 2 years ago. When I am not doing those things, you will always find me in the water.

What are your plans post-Maldives? Definitely travel! Surf guiding is almost a step below the tour, haha, you basically travel to the same places the pros do! Surf guiding/teaching in Mexico or Costa Rica is the next destionation on the list. Always had a passion for marine biology as well.

How do you see female surfwear at the moment? Might I just say that I think your SURF LEGGINGS look AWESOME! I am definitely thinking of getting a pair. (Author interjection – Thanks Maddy, we are stoked you like them!!)

Favourite surf spot/destination: Maldives is the first overseas trip I have ever done and I am very stoked I got to begin my surf guiding adventure there. My ultimate favourite surf spot is Honkeys in the Maldives and it is a pumping left, love it cause I am a goofy!

Places yet to see…The rest of the world! Cannot wait to have my passport well full of stamps 🙂

Words you live by?

Where ever you go, what ever you do, don’t be afraid to make a splash.

Top ten essential surf travel items:

These are what I brought to the Maldives:

1. Loads and Loads of zinc

2. Sun cure, needed a lot of that in the Maldives

3. Spare leg ropes

4. Bikinis ( can never pack too many pairs)

5. Spare board……praying you won`t need it

6. Really good surf tunes to listen to on plane

7. Endless amounts of surf mags

8. Booties ( in some cases)

9. Moisturiser…the sun is real strong!

10. A good bunch of friends!

Shoutouts to anyone….Yeah – my family and friends……g’day guys! Hive Swimwear for swimwear that actually stays on! So essential in the Maldives!

Maddy Phillips is a self-confessed frothing grommet who trained as a surf guide for Tropic Surf in the Maldives. If you would like to connect with Maddy for sponsorship, please contact us here. 



  1. That’s awesome Mandy! You totally inspire me!

  2. mandy lancellas

    wow Maddy rips! and what a beauty too 🙂 Love these posts, its so inspiring seeing how many ladies out there are making their dreams come true!

    • I agree Mandy – and you`re part of the inspiration too woman! Hope SA is treating you well – have you heard of Millers Surf website? We met the lady running – super cool couple cruising in the Maldives earlier this year…

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