It was sometime last year that I came across bilingual French/English online surf magazine, Surfmadam. Showcasing international and local surf news, lifestyle articles, travel guide (surf in Algeria?!), reviews, profiles and an art corner, it was right up my eclectic-interests-alley and piqued my curiosity on who was behind it all. A couple of emails later, and voila, we present to you: Jessica, the brains and surf beauty of Surfmadam

Who is the person or team behind SurfmadamThere isn’t a “team” behind Surfmadam although I’d really like it! There are a few girls – like Maite, a Spanish surfer who occasionally writes articles, but I come up with 99% of what goes online. It’s important to have different influences behind a magazine, so girls, if you are interested, Surfmadam needs “serious” journalists!

About me: my name is Jessica, I’ve been surfing for 10 years now, and being passionate about it, it is really important for me to share that lifestyle with people. I am a shortboarder mostly but sometimes, when the surfing conditions are not here, I also enjoy riding my longboard.

What was the original inspiration behind creating the site? Surfmadam was born at the beginning of 2010 with the will to give and spread good information about womens surfing, lifestyle and art. At that time, the concept of blogs was not popular in France yet and the only source of information for womens surfing (a French magazine) was not to my liking: too much information about bikinis and sun-creams and not enough action. It’s in this context that I created Surfmadam: beautiful images and good information is what I want to offer.

Whereabouts are you based and how are the waves there? I have moved a lot since 2010 in France, the Southwest, Brittany, and even spent some time in the Caribbean Islands! And I got amazing waves everywhere…But originally, I am from Brittany, Quiberon, so I’ll tell you a bit more about there. Quiberon is a peninsula on the North West of France; the place offers waves for everybody, from beginners to advanced surfers, for the shortboarders or the longboarders. As every surfing spot in France, it’s crowded during summertime and quieter in the winter period. Of course, it’s also because the water is really cold. You need a 5/4/3 wetsuit with gloves, boots, a hood and a good amount of motivation.

France is famous for its gorgeous women sunbathing on the beach but there is a growing number of chicks who rip in the surf. Can you tell us about the female surf community there…There are more and more girls in the water, even in winter. It’s amazing! But compared to the USA or Australia, there still are, for now, few girls with truly high surfing level. Concerning the French top surfers, Pauline Ado, has been on the Dream Tour for two years now, and she holds her own. Justine Dupont is an amazing shortboarder and longboarder, performing in both categories in world-class contests. As for Cannelle Bulard, she has just won the European title. Really the level is more and more impressive and I hope that sponsors will go on to support all theses athletes and will put on more exciting world tour events. For the free surfing, it’s hard to reckon the influence in France but I will say “yes”, it’s better than ever.

We haven`t made it to Europe yet, can you tell us about your favourite surf destination over there? I went surfing in four European countries so far: France, UK, Spain and Portugal, and for sure I caught my best waves in Capbreton (near Hossegor). Portugal is also a great destination. All the spots of the Sagres area in the South of the country, where there are beautiful waves and hardly anyone out. To top it, food is delicious and people are very nice there.

What is your pick for style in the lineup this summer? I like feminine and fancy wetsuits (like retro cut) proposed by Tallow, or  The Seea. Same for bikinis, I love feminine cuts even for surfing, I prefer a Brazilian bottom than a panty or a boardshort.

Words you live by?  


If we came to visit, where would you take us for the best croissants in town?? I have a good address for good baguettes and croissants, 200m from my home… perfect place and easy to find (because it’s a small village) there always is a big line in the street, so you can not miss it!

Any shoutouts to anyone? First of all, thank you, Salt Gypsy, for the ITW, it’s very nice of you! I also want to thank everyone who visit the Surfmadam’s website and go on to support me. Last but not least, thanks to my friends and family, for always being here.

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