The Boyf and I are off on a short break from boat life in the Maldives to rest and catch up on some business in Bali. It was my first time having a birthday on a plane so to make the most of being stuck in transit we (I) ended up getting a little fruity…

Packing up our cabin before setting off on our break to Bali. Goodbye Nautilus!

Long Islands for the road. Sunrise over Singapore.

Here`s a few things you can try in Changi Airport, Singapore:

Go on an artwalk….

Have a Birthday breakfast…mmmm yum….

Let out your inner cheese at the photo garden…

Be a Changi Millionaire….

Freshen up at the Duty Free stores (my personal favourite)….

Try to look intelligent reading the Harvard Business Review…

Buy yourself some neon pink undies….

Bali – made it! Finish off a hectic 24 hours of travel and no sleep with a delicious Birthday Dinner and fruity cocktails!



  1. Adele Clayton

    Haha Lovely!!

  2. Love it Danny, I’d almost like to book a holiday in transit! xxoo

  3. Have a great time in Balo! V Jealous!!!

  4. fabulous fun times – happy birthday girl

  5. Danny rad! I just googled surf girl blogs and I found this little Salt Gypsy and noticed that each article was written by you…hmmm it’s your blog. Delightful indeed love. Good to see you are still charging. Xx Happy Birthday!!

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