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Roam Hawai`i is a bunch of young Hawaiian wahine who currently spend their days surfing, getting crafty and selling their wares through their mobile marketplace – a super cool old truck.  Their story highlights what you can achieve in this media and DIY age through creativity, following dreams and seeing where they lead to. All I can say about today`s Talking Story crew is that I wish I had been this cool when I was their age! One of the lasses, Brooklyn, gave us more insight into their idyllic island lifestyle….

Hey ladies, how is island life today? Been surfing? Island life is slow-paced, beautiful, mellow, and still so breath-taking. The waves have been small but perfect for lady sliding on our single fins! We always manage to have fun in the ocean, surfing or not!

Can you tell us about your roaming marketplace and how it came about? Roam Hawai`i is a mobile marketplace made up of four designers. We handmake bikinis, clothing, jewellery and accessories. It was an idea I had during my fourth year in college – a way to have a store without being tied down to a specific location or storefront. We use our mobile store (come to be known as the “Beast”) to showcase our pieces at different events or farmer`s markets here on O’ahu in Hawai`i. Aside from the mobile store, we have an online store via Etsy and a lifestyle/travel blog that many people have come to follow and love.

You`ve been generating interest from the likes of Free People and Quiksilver. Good work! How did this come about? I have been working as a freelance photographer for the last 5 years, and have had the opportunity to work with both companies. When they heard about Roam, they were interested in featuring what we do as well!

What have been some challenges in starting your own business and how have you overcome them? We haven`t really encountered anything that we found specifically challenging. We took baby steps, created things that we liked, didn`t really pay attention to trends or fashion, and had fun with it all!

So where can we buy all these supercoolradfun goodies? In our Etsy store OR if you are on O`ahu, we offer private shopping appointments. Just email us:

What`s in your quiver? And how ingrained is surfing in your lifestyle? We are obsessed with sliding and the ocean in general. Growing up on an island, you don`t have much of a choice- but we have learned never to take the ocean for granted even though it`s all around us. We ride whatever is under the house, love switching boards in the lineup, and when the waves are flat or bad we just jump in to rejuvenate!

Favourite surf spot? This gorgeous seven-mile stretch….the North Shore of O`ahu.

Words you live by? Saved by Grace through Faith!

If we came to visit you ladies, where would you take us for a quintessential Hawaiian experience? We`d definitely have to quickly get into the Pacific…surfing, swimming, mermaiding with turtles and fish. A proper lunch would consist of some type of Hawaiian or local food, then back to the beach to check out some tidepools – or maybe even a waterfall hike through the jungle. Dinner with a Mai Tai? Yes, please?

And best coffee in town? Shopping?? Dancefloor?? We love supporting local, small businesses in our communities. Holes in the wall are you best bet! We can`t decide!


Roam Hawaii are 4 girlfriends who surf, create, travel and live life. Based on O`ahu, Hawai`i, you can follow their updates and inspirations here



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