‘Cos melanoma ain`t pretty. To order, email us here


  1. anissa

    hi it is possible to order from france???

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  3. pip

    Just wondering is the top part black and the colours we choose to fill in the single or double leg panel? If so do we need to specify where/in what order we want each pattern or is that randomly selected? Thanks

    • Hi Pip, thanks for the enquiry! You can tell me whatever design you would like and we`ll try to get it made so it`s up to you if you would like black (or any other colour) as an all-over block colour with contrasting pattern or colour in the single or double leg. I`ve had a few very specific orders in regards to colour/pattern placement. If you`d like more information, please email us: We`d be stoked to help you out!

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  7. Jess

    Would love to see your lycra selection mentioned above – but the link from october is not avaiable anymore!
    Could you send me another link?
    Thanks a lot!

  8. Hi Jess, thanks for checking out our leggings! Try this link:
    And if it still doesn`t work, check out the Salt Gypsy facebook page, look under albums, and then the lycra options are under the album: Bespoke Surf Leggings – Lycra Options
    Cheers, Danny

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  10. Tess

    Hey, I was just wondering when the surf leggings will be available again?Im hanging out for a couple of pairs, as Im in the Maldives and I have to cover up 🙂


  11. I’m with you Tess… a group of us girls are heading over to Indonesia in August 2013 and these are a must… When and how can we put in an order .. Thanks Salt Gypsy… for stepping outside the mainstream big boys who really don’t cater to those who actually want to surf…

    • Thankyou for your words bloss88 – I think I just replied to you on FB? If you can flick me an email: we`ll help you out with your bespoke designs! And yes – these were created by a chick who actually surfs, out of necessity and that need not being met by other surf companies. Thankyou for supporting independent surfwear design!

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