Everything I know about dating, I learned through surfing is a new self-help book for surfers launching this month and needs your help!

Co-authored by entrepreneurs Nancy Spooner Bsharah and Tara Brouwer, the book is filled with anecdotes, tips and those embarrassing stories we can all commiserate with! The illustrations are gorgeous – courtesy of Tara, who also owns a graphic design agency. Neither ladies are afraid of a challenge which is how they came to learn to surf in the first place. Between them, they have completed an Ironman in under 13 hours (Nancy), four triathlons (Tara), and featured in Prana (on the cover no less!) and National Geographic magazines performing a one-handed cartwheel (Tara). Nancy found herself top and bottom-less on her very first surf lesson (Nancy – you`ve come to the right website!). And Tara even found herself staying with the Brazilian and Australian mens surf teams in Teahupoo during the 2005 Billabong Tahiti Pro – lucky!!

To help bring their book-publishing-dream to fruition, the ladies are looking for sponsorship of their project on funding-platform, Kickstarter. With 89% of the project funded, there`s only 11 days left to reach the target funding goal so head over and have a geez at what looks like will be a cracker of a read!

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  1. Looks great! I’ll check out the site. Thanks for sharing. The illustrations posted are gorgeous! Best wishes with the book and I’ll do what I can to support fellow lady surfers launching projects, dreams & cool things!

  2. Thanks Beth, I agree about the illustrations! Happy surfing x

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