The lovely girls at Calavera recently hooked up Salt Gypsy with their NEW rashguard design ripe for surf-testing. I wore it a couple of days ago and have to admit that as a performance rashy, I like it.

Sleek and simple, it features long sleeves and is long through the torso – paramount if you don`t like tops riding up your back. The other key feature is the small zip pocket positioned on the lower back, perfect for your car key or small Snickers bar for those extra long sessions.

Usually, I`m a size 10 or Small in Australia/NZ, but this is a US Medium and fitted perfectly.

Fabric: Nylon/Spandex

Colourways: Black with Silver << Black with Red

Price: $55 USD

The girls also happen to be keen on sharing some Calavera love so to win yourself one of these rashies all you have to do is comment below, share this pic on FB, and like both Salt Gypsy and Calavera FB pages. Too easy!

Winner will be drawn on July 12th – that`s one week ladies!

*To check out some of Salt Gypsy`s other favourite rashies, click here. 

WINNER: Mariah Almond


  1. JohnJohn

    lurrrrv it 🙂

  2. Julynn

    I would love to test this sexy suit out! Gotta look good while I flip waves!

  3. Kirsten wilson

    Need new rash guard…headed out for fourth of July dawn patrol now!

  4. Nicole P Digby

    Yes please! This would be the best ever!

  5. Toni Lopez

    Yyeessss! I love Calavera! Great looking new rashguards 🙂

  6. Kathy Burge-Cashen


  7. vanessa resa

    Whoot whoot.. This will be great for my tri’s

  8. Missy

    Can’t wait to surf again when I hit up Hawaii!

  9. Dianna Ficklin

    This rash guard looks gorgeous, would love to win one for my 14 year old daughter that has overcone her fear of the water and become a surfaholic 🙂 ❤

  10. Love Calavera (suit really does stay in place)! And what better? A Calavera rash guard that looks amazing as well!

  11. Leah Mianne

    Definitely dig this! It is my on my bucket list to own at least ONE Calavera suit! 🙂 So when I ever have the money, Check!

  12. stephani ford

    love the long torso! very hard to find!

  13. Trish Tarr


  14. Chloe Colestock

    Love it! I would love to wear it while teaching my son to surf this summer. Keep up the great work 🙂

  15. Kayla Bourgeois

    Wow! Looks awesome… Perfect for my trip to Costa Rica!

  16. CHEEEE HOOOO Salty Sistahs! Keep up the stylie threads! You have my support all the way!
    I am moving back to the east coast after living on the Big Island for over 3 years and would love
    to have a sweet and salty rashgaurd from SaltGypsy to keep me warm on those chilly spring sessions!

  17. Love the pics! And the rashvest looks awesome! Pura Vida & Aloha spirit & soul. Love it and Thanks!!
    I’m a Texas, gulf coast surfer girl now…. wherever there’s water, there’s soul.

  18. Alexandria Wells

    super stoked 🙂

  19. Liz

    Aftehaving the kids, I was afraid that no onewould make something cute and LONG enough to cover my scars (and there are a lot of those proud battle wounds). As an excited tri athlete, this means I can bring it and still feel sexy! THanks!

  20. Kate Pinard

    I just learned how to paddle board! I am in love with this design~I would love to wear it!

  21. This would be ideal for surfing this summer here in Europe ! No wetsuit but we do need a little rashgueard to keep us warm enough ! Thanks

  22. Yamileth Garcia

    I have a black rashguard and i love it! It’s a great product that can help a lot during a triathlon training. Give me wide range of movement, no friction and it has a cool design. Thanks Calavera for those awesome swimwear!

  23. Tolly Tucker

    Love this design!!

  24. Love all the small women’s surf companies that are out there these days! Looking forward to test driving some Calavera products myself.

    Beth- where in Tx are you? I’m a Gulf transplant too and always looking for more chicas in the water to surf with. Usually surf in Surfside, sometimes Galveston. Hope to see you in the water!

  25. g

    love the rashie – so would love to win this been slack at surfing since the weather turned! neeeeeeed to get back in the water

  26. GottaRun

    Love the long torso, too!

  27. kai

    Ever since I got “turned on” to Calavera I have been putting away a few dollars here and there to splurge on a new suit. I just bought a new suit but can’t seem to get my mind off their suits. Now there’s that rash guard… That looks like it actually stays where it is supposed to be…I just have to have it! Salt Gypsy you are going to kill me with all the wonderfully cool women’s gear. I love that you have a ton of indie and up and coming companies. XXOO Kai

  28. Tori Greene

    Sweet !!! ❤

  29. Steps completed – Sara Näse on Facebook 🙂

  30. holly

    I like the rashy but where on earth did you get those bottoms! i love them!

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