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Fed up with the lack of product on offer specific to my surfing life, here is my sample product testing on the first Salt Gypsy surf leggings.

Be honest please peeps – RAD or FAIL? Would you buy some?

Please excuse my chipped nail polish, that shit happens when you`re surfing a lot.


  1. Ming Nomchong Photography

    I think they’re rad

  2. Erica

    These are sick! When and where can i get a pair?

  3. JohnJohn

    love them. all the boys try to pay me out for surfing in leggings but they are awesome!! hahah

  4. they are cool, i would rock em – even on dry land – nice pics – jealous its hood in gis town………..x

  5. Thankyou for the feedback ladies! I`m really interested in your opinions so a couple more questions for if you don`t mind (and feel free to ask mates as well)…

    1/ If I offered a bespoke leggings range, would you be interested in a product where you could mix and match your own colour/pattern combos?
    2/ How much would you expect to pay for this type of product (bearing in mind printed lycra leggings I have researched range from $70 AUD – $250 AUD /pair)?

    Kia ora and thankyou in advance!

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  7. Anouk

    Love and Love. Would def buy.

  8. i would definitely buy a pair!

  9. Love them. Let me know when you’re selling- or if you want a San Diego surfer to model them in the lineup!

  10. Sammimapp

    Check out Lorna Jane. Some of the leggings they have there have some awesome prints and stand up to the elements pretty well too 🙂

  11. Danielle

    I think they’re awesome, would totally wear them in and out of the water. I think $70 is pretty reasonable if they’re multi-use. They look like something you could rock in a yoga class, then go hit the water. If you ever need a model 🙂 I’d totally be down!

  12. I want some. Also protects your legs from bruises which I get all the time when surfing.

  13. gary

    I think they would be very, very popular in Japan. Straight, boring black (major brands) start around 3000 yen (AUD 35.00). The pattern choices are equally drab and soul-less. Better options will probably be available next year, as they are 2 months away from wetsuit season again.

    If you have not already made a trip here to do the research, you might consider it. If I can help, I might consider it : P

    Best of luck and thanks for the board bag tip!!!


    • Thanks Gary, I used to live in Japan for a couple of years and I think you may be right! I`ll look into it. Whereabouts do you live?

      • Gary

        Sorry fort not checking back. I never comment on stuff. Still think this is fabulous!!! I am in Tokyo for another two months. Need any help or info here?

      • No worries! Sure, if you know any indie surf stores in Tokyo that might be interested we`d be stoked on the heads up. Thankyou 🙂

      • Gary

        OK, I can feel my response time is improving. I will check with a couple friends and let you know by direct email.

  14. Rachel

    Love these! I would rock a pair for sure and I bet they would sell well here in New York!

  15. Nina

    Whats the fabric, is it neoprene or lycra? do they hold up in the water, sag or restrict in anyway?

    • Hey Nina, these are lycra leggings as I needed some for extra sun protection while working in the tropics last year and could not find any suitable or reasonably priced pairs. My original samples were baggy around the knees so I have improved the cut/fit to avoid this. I have not found any of the pairs I`ve worn while surfing to be restrictive in anyway. To me they feel like a second skin and I love surfing in them. Only a couple of times have they pulled down in while duckdiving bigger surf (double-overhead) but drawstring in the waist fixes this. As with all lycra product however, it does have a lifespan but after 4 months of wearing mine near daily they`re still in good condition. Hope this helps and feel free to hit me with more questions!



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