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Meet Maggie: Portugese native, civil engineer and currently the designer of her swim and surf separates range, Magini`s Bikini`s. Married to an Ozzy bloke who happens to own and manage the Rapture Surf Camp on the Bukit, we thought it rude not to pop in and say howzit. As epic waves are literally, and consistently, just down the road, Maggie knows a thing or two about designing swimwear that will stay put.  All pant cuts are on the smaller side as less material = less chance of water catching it, and there are a few top styles to suit different busts. Mix and match plains with patterns is the name of the game and if you want to check out her full range, have a gander over here. Maggie gives us the MB lodown….

What is the Magini`s story and how did you end up working at a surf camp in Bali?? I met my husband 7 years ago in Morocco. He is Australian and at the time he was managing his camp in Morocco, I went to another surfcamp and the owner of the other camp was Josh’s friend. Josh followed me to Portugal and opened a surfcamp in Portugal too. We lived together in Portugal for 2 years, until he came to manage his camp in Bali. I finished my course, I came for my wedding and I moved here (Bali). The name came from my mother in law… My name is really long and my husband calls me “Maggie”. After living in Bali for one and half year and not finding the shape and price of the bikinis I would want, I decided to start to make bikinis just for me. After my first sample was made, I was in Australia on holiday, when I decided to start to produce for other people. My mother in law is very creative and she helped me with the name 🙂 Maggie, Maggie… Magini’s… “Magini’s Bikini’s”.

The Magini`s collections are all sold in separates. Why did you chose this avenue and what features do your pieces offer for the female surfer? I’m against the big brands that make you buy sets… girls are not all top models, they need different sizes of tops and bottoms and sometimes they like to mix models depending for what they want to do (just sunbath, play sports or surf)…I always say “Different models for different needs.” I designed many models, but for me, they all have different purposes. 3 or 4 of my models are specially for surf, I tried to combine the comfort, good tanning and not getting naked!! I even designed one pieces to avoid the rash on the ribs 🙂

You have Maginis being sold in Australia and Chile. How easy has this been to set up and how is this sales channel working for you?
(Magini’s Bikini’s) are in general smaller (cuts) than most of the other brands; who can sell them better is the person that wears them. It was that way that it all started! Actually Australia and Chile are related 🙂 My friend, Alice, stayed here in Bali with me and she got some bikinis, she went back to Australia and all her friends liked them. About 1 year later she decided to import MB. She sold to her friends, in some markets and to a Yoga Studio: Essence of Living on the Gold Coast. It’s from there that comes, Paulina, she is my actual distributor in Chile! Paulina typed MB online and she found Rapture Camps, she sent an email to my husband and he forward to me. Paulina came to Bali to meet me and she told me she would want to be my distributor. Paulina imported MB for her small shop by the beach and I think is selling well.

What challenges have you faced with starting your own business? And highlights? Hmmm, that`s hard to tell… working with a different culture is already hard and with Indonesians, even harder!! Production is not easy to control, that was my first problem. After came some design help about building my brand. I had this French girl, Virginie, staying with me for a few months and she really helped me. Virginie designed my logos, we did a photoshoot and we did my brand catalogue. Time goes by and always something happens, I meet someone else and they talk about my brand in Surf Magazines, I have the chance to put bikinis in new shops…. it`s always someone new finding me!!

So where can we purchase Maginis Bikinis? 

In Bali: at my house (biggest stock ever)

Shops: Youth N Asia (in Kuta)

Lawe, White Monkey, Uluwatu (all between Dreamland and Uluwatu)

In Australia: Essence of Living Yoga Studio

In Chile: Magini’s shop (in La Serena)

In Cyprus: Epiphanieu Group (shop)

In California: With 2 friends Brittny Scott and Diana

Bali is one of my favourite places but how do you find it living there year-round? It’s good, but not easy. As you know, I live in a surfcamp, I have people around me 24h a day, which is good, but a bit tiring sometimes. Local people are friendly but if they can get money of you, they will do anything: a different mentality. Biggest problem is the rubbish and pollution, Indonesians have no education for that. Their solution is burning everything.

Where would you take us for a decent coffee/shopping!/a dinner feast/cocktails!?

Coffee: Drifter Surf Shop in Seminyak

Shopping: Seminyak

Dinner feast: Kat’s Kitchen good desserts

Cocktails: Rock Bar

Your favourite surf spot? Padang right when it`s not crowded or some secret breaks on east coast

Any advice you`ve been given that you`d care to share? In Bali take each day as you find it, and like the Balinese always have a smile for everyone even though sometimes we become frustrated with day to day living.

Top 10 essential surf travel items:


Zinc and sunscreen


Wax & wax Comb

Hair removal machine



Fin key


Extra Fins

Maggie is the owner and designer behind the Maginis Bikinis range. If you find yourself on the Bukit Peninsula in Bali, drop her a line or call into the Rapture Surf Camp (on the way to Bingin) and check out her separates available for sale. All images provided by Maggie

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