Salt Gypsy and the Boyf relished a quick sojourn last week to the Island of the Gods aka. Bali. It was so nice to not chase waves  – sounds weird I know but when that`s your day job it can be a good reprieve to enjoy alternative radness….like eating yourself silly with good food and carrot-ginger-orange juices, making the most of cappuccinos and coffee shop hunting, driving scooters, sleeping in, window shopping and getting your own pair of super-rad surf leggings made up. A perfect SG holly-day.

While in Bali we stayed mostly in Canggu with a couple nights of clifftop luxury thrown in at Bingin. 

Canggu Guesthouses we rate:

Berawa Beach House – +62 081 236 066 979 //

Owner – Wayan, another lovely guy and young family, very close to Berawa Beach

Putu Guest House – +62 081 916 417 874

Owner – Putu, a lovely woman and her family including a grumpy looking Grandma. Up the road from Wayan`s place.

Luxury splash out on the Bukit, clifftop above Bingin:

Mu Bungalows – +62 0 361 895 7442 //

A Good Driver:

Made Bayu – +62 081 239 77347 //


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  3. Rad sunglasses. Who are they by?

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  5. Bali indonesia is amazing place….

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  7. pip

    hi salt gypsy! could you recommend a tailor in bali that you have previously used? i’m heading over next week and would love a couple of pieces made… x

  8. Hi Salt Gypsy! I love your blog! Would you recommend anything for a surf enthusiast over Christmas week in Bali? I’ll be staying at Voyager Creative right across from Deus Temple! Cheersss

    • Hey Zelda, awesome you`re coming to Bali – you`ll love it! Canggu is a great place to stay with a few beach/rocky reef options for surfing all within 5-10min drive. When it`s small you can head up north to Balian and Medewi and the Bukit is always a rad spot to check out – quite different from the rice paddies of this area. East Coast is the place to be surf-wise in the rainy season and we`ve already been doing some missions over there and having fun waves. Ubud and Bali`s interior is another region you should do a couple of days checking out as well. Have a wicked holiday!

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