This morning we jumped off the back of the boat and paddled over to this righthander that had some windless pearlers coming through. As it was early morning and I have acclimatised to the tropics, I was wearing my Alope Sea Safari one piece suit.

Here are my thoughts from the roadtest:

  • I really like the sweetheart neckline and cap sleeve design. I have had rubbing under the arms from this before though so today I smeared a fair amount of papaw ointment underneath and had no soreness or rubbing whatsoever.
  • There is enough stretch in the suit for bending and movement through turns etc.
  • 1mm neoprene kept me a perfect temperature, even as the wind picked up.
  • My only thought is if the waves are bigger and pushier (I`ve only surfed in it in smaller swells so far) the more open neckline may gather more water when duckdiving bigger amounts of whitewash, creating drag.
  • Overall: a good suit, especially if you want to have something different in your surfwear wardrobe.

*Photographs by Jade Rogers. April 2012, Maldives. 

For more information on Alope, check out our interview with creator, Sarah Brown, here.

Keen on purchasing an Alope suit? Check out their store here.


  1. Nichole Moss

    Hi love your site! Can you add a list of your favorite sites and blogs you follow?

    • Hi Nichole, thanks for the love! On the homepage is a list of blogs/sites I check out but also try: The Surftorialist, NYC Urchin, Seeababes (blog from The Seea label), Oracle Fox, Bathing News, Bikini Bird and the Bikini Fox. Hope these are of interest! Danny x

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