I have been waiting for the moment to share new Californian brand, The Seea (See-yah), with you for awhile now. So here it is ladies: retro-styled, sustainably-made surfsuits for all discerning female waterwomen. Amanda Chinchelli is the designer behind the awesomeness and having worn a couple of different styles of hers, let me tell you this gear is the bizo. The quality of the suits is impeccable (both craftsmanship and materials used) with fine attention to detail. Simple, clean aesthetics and frankly, I`m quite in love with the whole collection. More info coming soon but here are some shots from our surf yesterday, roadtesting the Seea x Mollusk (collab with a surf store in California) rashvest and Solimar bikini.

I totally, wholeheartedly, absolutely rate the rashy. Although it doesn`t have an elastic waistband (standard design in other brands that some people like but has a tendency to trap water so you end up looking like you have a wobbly water belly), it is long through the torso and arms, and fits like a glove. A really nice silky one. It barely rides up while the high neckline offers enough coverage for sun protection yet still remains feminine and sleek.

I wore the bikini pants and a different brand`s top under the rashy (only because of my aversion to wearing anything that goes around my neck these days – I`m a cross-back ties conversion). The pants are a little on the small side for my buns which is actually perfect for surfing in. I was practicing pulling in on my backhand this session and getting smashed a lot yet the pants didn`t budge. Good, solid basic bikini.

love love love – check out The Seea store here


Kept trying to pull into these wee bazzas….

but this kept happening!

*Photography by Jade Rogers, April 2012


  1. I’d love to try their gear! I’ve been hunting and hunting for stylish surf gear that actually stays on (I feel like too many surf giants make that claim with their swimwear… and I’ve never been satisfied). Where is this surf session at?

    • Hi Lacey, the session is somewhere in the Maldives. Can`t tell you, can only show you so come over! The Seea are making some sick surfwear and I absolutely vouch for the quality of the lycra/materials they use having surfed in my pieces nearly everyday for the last 5 months. You can order online: but be quick – they are doing so well they seem to be selling out of styles fast.

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