Being in the sun and salt all day can get pretty taxing on our skin ladies. I`ve been seeing a few girls wearing leggings and am planning on buying some for the rest of the season here in the Maldives. Trying to find decent ones online has been difficult – there is really only naff or boring product. I`ve come across Canadian designer, Beth Richards, who has made some UV protection, chlorine-resistant leggings that actually look pretty cool (see first image below). Two Australian brands, Black Milk Clothing and We Are Handsome, also have good collections of fashion-forward lycra leggings but I`m not sure on how well they`d stand in the surf. Leggings Roadtest? I think it needs to be done.

Beth Richards




(These leggings are part of their Activewear collection but thought they looked pretty rad!)

Black Milk Clothing


We Are Handsome


*If you know of a brand making surf/swim leggings that look good, we`d love to hear from you here.


  1. eeek i love this!! 😀

  2. Thanks Coline, let me know if you find any other surf-specific leggings!

  3. Love the Paris style!

  4. I need these things (not that I will look good in them). I just roasted my knees and the backs of my calves in spite of liberal and repeated applications of sunscreen here on the Space Coast. I was searching the term “surf leggings” specifically when I found your post this morning.

    • Hey Jeff, thanks for comment! The Skins leggings range seems to be exactly what we need: UV 50+ protection but they can get quite expensive. You can check them out here: Seems to be a gap in the market for quality, UV protected, lycra leggings that don`t cost the earth…watch this space…Salt Gypsy may have to rectify this situation!

  5. Danny- have you actually tried any of these in the surf yet? I have been shopping about for a pair to bring on some tropical surf trips this summer, but would love to know how any of them hold up. Namely, do they get shredded by the wax and do they get ripped off easily in powerful surf (I figure I could add a drawstring to help with that)? I always get brutal wax rash on my inner thighs by my knees where board shorts don’t reach – I am hoping some hot leggings may help!

    • Hi skycedar, thanks for the question! I haven`t tried out lycra leggings yet as I wasn`t able to find some in time before I left Australia (I`m currently working in the Maldives), although I just had some made up while I was in Bali a few days ago. I had a female guest onboard who wore Skins leggings everyday and rated them for comfort and fit. I would think lycra wouldn`t get shredded by wax – a bit grubby if anything, and I don`t think they`ll rip off in the surf but give me another couple of days and I`ll let you know how my ones go. A new brand from Australia, Molly and Polly Swimwear, are also creating printed lycra leggings that look super cool and I think these could be a good option. Hope this helps!

      Molly and Polly Swim:
      Black Milk Clothing:
      The Seea: — no leggings here yet but sick surfsuits and rashies

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