POST UPDATE:  Yes ladies it`s what we`ve been waiting for – Candy Wetsuits have just launched their website yeeeeooooow. Peruse the photo gallery, drool over the different suits on offer and  praise JAH – this lady is funking up a lineup near you. 

Created by Hawaiian native, Jill Anjuli Hansen (JAH), these suits are 100% bonafide Japanese N E O Preen. Clashing pinks and reds, zip jackets, full suits, butt-hugging bootie shorts…these suits are not for the wallflowers among us. Currently available as custom-orders, you can read more about Jill and her collection here and here.

*Images sourced from the following:

1 –

2 + 3 from

4 from

5 from


  1. They look really cool! 😀

  2. I really like the design of these wetsuit. I really apprecaite these design.

  3. IN LOVE with the red&Pink! HOTNESS!

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