Hey Anna, you`ve created surfwear specifically for staying put in the surf. Can you tell us about your brand and the inspiration behind it…As a surfer myself I was struggling to find well thought through performance wear and I was longing for a brand that saw me more like a surfer and less like a beach girl. The idea behind Calavera is that it is not to be bought – it is to be joined! We want Calavera to be so much more than a performance swimsuit. We want every girl who puts on the suits to feel like she is part of a group of like-minded, playful but fearless feminine women who wants the freedom to focus on performing in their sport and not on whether the suit is staying on or not.

What features should we know about that are specific for waterwomen? Calavera`s swimwear is constructed with a unique design and mix of materials typically only available in men`s surfwear such as velcro, non-elastic fillers and low-flexibility materials to improve fit and limit the stretch yet allow for easy adjustments. We also use different tie-up solutions that reduce stress on the neck from the string ties and strong elastic bands that allow the tops to remain securely in place. Some of the tops even have a key pocket and our latest addition, a rash guard, has a side pocket for your car key, sunscreen or board wax.

What have been some challenges for starting and building your own business? How have you overcome these? There has certainly not been a lack of challenges! As a start-up every day you are fighting fires and trying to figure out how to survive to the next day. While I have always made my own clothes, I had no formal training or experience in the apparel business and had to quickly learn all the aspects of getting a swimsuit ready for the market. I made a lot of mistakes and wrong decisions but the one trait that saves me everyday is my perseverance, and surfing of course. There is no better way to re-set yourself after a bad day than getting on your board!

Where can global salt gypsies buy your product? Our web  store ships all around the world at really affordable prices and for free in the US.

Who or what inspires you? I discovered surfing late in life but it is now in every cell of my body and it is my inspiration and joy.

Any advice you`ve been told that resonated with you? Just do it is by far the best advice ever given to me (although it had a 7 letter word beginning with F after the “just”). Nike was on to something good when they coined that phrase!

Your favourite surf destination or spot? Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica has a big place in my heart, and it is where all our suits get tested by the Calavera Surf Girls. We have a team of six awesome women and these girls are the essence of Calavera. Every six months when it is time to test new products we get together in Costa Rica and have a blast. We put those suits through some serious surfing!

Top 10 surf travel essentials:



Calavera bikinis and rashguard

waterproof sunscreen (especially for your lips – I always forget and get really painful sun blisters)

playlist with favourite surf tunes

Moroccan oil (I always put it in my hair before surfing because it helps your hair against the salt water)

high energy snacks

first aid kit

beer opener (a must after a long day of surfing)

 Anna Jerstrom is the owner and founder of Calavera Swimwear. To check out more of Calavera`s styles, click here


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  3. Hi Fiona, there`s some good product being made aye!

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