For the life of me, I cannot remember how I first came across the Goldfishkiss blog but so it was, sometime last year, that this blog lit up my screen and I fell in virtual love. Living in Hawaii and writing about pretty much everything to do with life at the beach, Rebekah Steen showcases new swimwear lines and pieces, comes up with crafty bikini DIYs, beach fitness and beauty tips, and throws in the odd watercolour painting from hers truly. Miss Goldfishkiss, will you be my friend…

Mahalo Rebekah! How is life in your part of paradise at the moment?? It`s fantastic. We just had 2 weeks of rain, so it`s great to be able to be out in the sun and water again.

How long have you had Goldfishkiss running for and how has it developed over this time? I started it in December 2010, so almost a year and a half. Originally it was all about bikinis, but it`s definitely developed into more of lifestyle blog with tips, tricks and stuff to make you smile…with a lot of bikinis involved.

What was the inspiration behind your blog? It really is a creative outlet for me where I can write, take pics, paint, meet new people (like yourself!) and really have a place to post random ideas about the place I love…THE BEACH

As a blogger on everything swim the Goldfishkiss bikini wardrobe must be pretty covetable! Do you have any standout pieces or brands that are really blowing your skirt up at the moment? Oh gosh, I`ve never really been a collector, but I officially have an amazing bikini collection I`m really proud of. I think that lines are branching out to make bikinis in all sorts of shapes, which is great because now all types of bodies can find a suit that looks amazing on them. Also, although prices are going up, the fabric and fit on suits are making bikinis so much more flattering and comfortable to wear. In terms of brands Mikoh and Acacia kind of always amaze me with their suits and overall brand images. They are my swimwear crushes.

Your creativity is also evident in the watercolour sketches you include in your blog. Did you study art and what else do you incorporate into your art practice? Yeah!! I love when someone likes my watercolours. Art was my first love and I was determined to be a painter. I started off getting my BFA in college in Drawing and Painting, but my last year switched to Graphic Design. I do love Design and the career I have in it, but a paintbrush is so much more forgiving than a computer sometimes. So in a way, the blog has made me get back into painting every now and the with the watercolours.

Do you exhibit regularly, have any upcoming shows, represented by a gallery? No but I am SO FLATTERED you`d ask 🙂 (FYI: Rebekah has just launched her own line of prints available through Society 6)

You`re a pretty fit wahine and currently a guest blogger for  Foam Magazine. How do you maintain your fitness training? Any tips for us water women? Why thanks! A typical week is 3 days of 50 minutes of weight lifting, 2 days of 15-20 minute interval running, and filling in with yoga or hiking if I feel like it or have time. The good news is it`s simple. Be active (try to do something that makes you sweat each day), take care of your body and eat lots of fruits and veggies. And please don`t be afraid of lifting weights, it feels amazing to be strong.

We at Salt Gypsy love a good turn on the d-floor! If we came to your place, where would you take us for a spin at some good live music? And a shopping fix?? Ok shopping fix: Oahu: Guava Shop, Becca Beach Kahala, and Brandy Melville. MauiImrie Boutique and the Letarte Store. For a night out, I`m a bit of a homebody, so I`d probably just grab a 6 pack and head to the beach and BBQ, but I do like Lulu`s in Waikiki every now and then.

Your favourite surf spot?  I promised the person who took me there never to share 🙂 But I love Pakalas in Kauai, Honolua Bay on Maui, a bunch of spots on the North Shore here on Oahu, and a few spots out in Aina Haina in Town in the summer.

Who or what inspires you? Who = definitely my parents. I get my humour from my Dad and adventurous side from my Mom. They are a great combo.

Any advice you`ve been given that`s resonated with you? 

  1. Get rich each day in ways that don`t show up in the bank.
  2. I just did a Q&A with Gabby Reece and to quote her:

One of the best accessories is a smile and a firm butt.

Top ten surf travel items: 
supergoop sunscreen
A cropped Wildfox couture tee or 2 to surf in
at least 5 bikinis (this counts as 1 item)
mask and fins to dive when not surfing (counts as 2 items I guess)
waterproof digital cam
a huge, cozy, bright and soft beach towel
Maui Jim sunglasses
a sketchbook & pen/pencil/paint/paintbrush (can this count as 1 item?)
 *Rebekah Steen maintains her personal blog, Goldfishkiss – a visual feast for discerning waterwomen. She is a purveyor of everything to do with a beach lifestyle and can be contacted here. For her post on KALi swimwear check this page. Photographs provided by Rebekah, except for the Goldfishkiss logo sourced from the blog.  


  1. Rebekah

    Thanks Danny for such a fun interview! Hope the Maldives are amazing 🙂

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