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Mainstream surf media has almost taken a backwards step in it`s representation of current female surfing (for more on this topic, check out this article by Cori Schumacher). So I was more than delighted to find this gem of a trailer for girls surf doco, 3 Killas y Un Kiwi. Director, filmer and editor, Marina Zawisza, gives us insight into the concept and making of the film which finally showcases a high level of chicks who rip, without any underlying product endorsement. For the love of surfing, here`s her story…

In New Zealand we have a site for Creatives called The Big Idea. It`s an online community where people can find work, discuss and showcase their various art/design/media practices. Can you tell us about your big idea: 3 Killas y Un Kiwi (3ky1k)…3 Killas y Un Kiwi is the first video of its kind, an introduction of Latin American female surfing to the world. Surfing wold champion Sofia Mulanovich from Peru, Simone Zea (owner and creator of Volt Surfwear) from Venezuela, and Ornella Pellizzari from Argentina lead an army of shredders that carve their way through waves and life.

Even though Sofia Mulanovich paved the way for Latin American girls, it is still a tough road to follow. Since most of the talent goes unnoticed we decided it was time to share their skills with the rest of the world. Latin America is not the only place where female surfing has not received the international recognition it deserves. Paige Hareb from NZ is one of the few women who surfs in her country, therefore we decided to add a little sweet and tasty flavour to our mix and invite a Kiwi to participate in this adventure. With their strength, talent and beauty these women will be a great inspiration to any young girl watching.

And what`s your story Marina? I`m from Caracas, Venezuela. I met Simone about 5 years ago thanks to surfing. We became good friends and she knew I loved film and in 2009 she told me that I could go with her to Costa Rica. They were doing the ISA World Surfing Games in Hermosa that year and she said I could film her and all the other girls that would be out there for the comp and make a little video. The little video became my life and a bigger project than I expected. I`ve been working on it for quite some time now but I was never able to get all the girls together. If it all goes well we`ll be finally filming with all the girls together this summer and have the video out late this fall.

How did a top NZ female surfer get involved? Oh our Kiwi! After I went to Costa Rica I met Ornella and Sofia and ended up following them to California. Paige was part of the crew, we hung out the whole summer. I think she only pretends not to know Spanish because I swear the whole time we were together she never missed a beat.

How can we support your project? We just want people to see how well these girls are surfing so if you can share it with your friends it would be great. We are soon going to have product for sale on our web page, that`s another way anyone can give us a hand.

What is surf culture like in your part of the world? What is the level of female surfing like? This is a funny question, a lot of people don`t even think you can surf in Venezuela. Yes it`s true we don`t have the best waves in the world but we do, by far, have the most beautiful beaches in the planet. A lot of people surf, sometimes too many and they surf like they drive – everyone just goes! Forget about priority, especially in the best spots.

But I guess that since the Venezuelan population is not that big nor is the surf community, everyone just seems to know earch other and that allows for a certain camaraderie to exist, which I really like. Girls are ripping everywhere and Venezuela is not falling behind by any means. Girls out there have a harder time than in many other spots around the globe. Waves are hard to surf and the fact that there`s little surf ethic makes it even harder. It`s really encouraging to see that there are more girls surfing every day, and surfing good!

What`s your favourite surf destination so far? I still have many places to discover. Places I`ve surfed and loved: Los Roques, Venezuela; Puerto Rico; Barbados, and Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

 Inspirations? My mom, my brother, my dad, Willito. Happiness and people who are motivated. Action.

Any advice you`ve been given that you would like to share? 

Take your time and make something you feel proud of.

Marina Zawisza is a multilingual lass from Caracas, Venezuela. She is looking for sponsorship to help completion of her 3ky1k surf film project due out later this year. If you are interested in helping, please contact Marina directly here. To see more of Marina surfing, check out Volt Surfwear`s team page

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