It was only last week that I came across another independent surfwear brand: Volt. Hailing from Venezuela, the designer and founder, Simone Zea, has been producing some well-designed, surf-specific bikinis for a few years now. And in keeping with my interest in people who actually design from experience and passion, this chica also surfs. Very well in fact. Check out her line and decide for yourself…

Hey Simone! What inspired you to create bikinis for surfing? I am from Caracas – Venezuela. My inspiración has always been surfing. I was never comfortable surfing in normal bikinis. I was planning at that time to study fashion design so…. I started my own brand. I have 6 years now with Volt surfwear!!

Can you tell us about Volt…I think my brand is pure energy… my energy. All these years I have been working on different designs and I dont know how but they fit very well on almost all kinds of bodies. They actually make boobies and butts look bigger jajajaj and they don’t fall at least as much as a normal bikini that you buy in a surf store. I still make the bikinis myself with a sewing machine. I hope someday Volt gets bigger like other brands.

Awesome – my boobies definitely need help looking bigger! Seriously though, what challenges have you had in starting your own business and how have you overcome them? The challenge I think is to have or find the money to do it big and to find a good working team! I’m still searching and trying diferent ways to start a big deal!

It`s very refreshing to see real chicas surfing and ripping on the Volt website – who are the ladies of Team VoltThe ladies that appear in the webpage are all my best friends around the world that support me by loving my bikinis and showing them to other girls!!

Where can we buy your surfwear? In some countries where these girls are you can find volt bikinis. I’m trying to sell them through the page but the shipping from Venezuela is very expensive.

What is life like in your neck of the woods? If we came and couchsurfed with you, where would you take us?? Well…I didn’t understand neck of the woods! ajajaj but I always like my friends to come to Venezuela one day! There are a lot of places to go, to have fun, to party, to eat incredible and also to surf. I think in Venezuela you feel very alive….

Your favourite surf spot in the world? My favorite surf spot I think is Indo and I havent been there…..Soon….

Places yet to see? Mentawais, Indo, South África, Barbados, Brasil, Fiji, New Zealand and I’m open to all the world….
Words or thoughts you live by?
Don’t do things to others that you don’t want for you. I dont know exactly how to say it in english….
Simone Zea is the designer and founder of Volt Surfwear, straight out of the fabulousness of Venezuela. Photographs courtesy of Simone but to see more of this lady in action check out her site here.


  1. Thanks for this oportunity!! Salt gypsy its a ver y Chic webpage!! Original….. 🙂

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