Today I had stitches removed from what is going to be one killer scar in the middle of my upper back. What was once a triptych of large dark moles is now down to two apparently “non-sinister” looking ones. I have to admit to a huge sigh of relief in the clinic once Doc told me my dot in question was benign.

So ladies, while tans can be most becoming, we all know how damaging and relentless the sun can be. Working on the boat, I lather on sunscreen and zinc several times a day, so it`s important to have good products that work well and don`t make you look like Plasticine Woman. With mole checks aside and impending tropical travel, I thought it pertinent to highlight two zinc products I`ve come across: Vertra and Surf Yogis.

Vertra hands down is the best zinc we`ve used in the last couple of years. It leaves a smooth finish and lasts for ages in the water. I absolutely rate it. Enough said – this is the business.

Surf Yogis is a 100% natural “water resistant surfscreen” that smells so good you could eat it. Made in Bali from virgin coconut oil, organic beeswax, zinc oxide, cocoa powder, and cocoa butter. I haven`t tried this product yet (give me a couple of weeks when I`m back on the boat in the ‘dives) but people I`ve talked to who`ve tried this zinc really liked it. It should come with a warning though: This product may inspire random face-licking. Unless of course you`re into that kind of thing. Yummy.


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