Ever wanted to make your own board socks?? It`s super easy and fun, albeit a little time-consuming.

Here`s how:

1/ Create a stencil of your desired surfboard shape (I use a combo of newspaper and card)

2/ Select your fabric combos, draw around stencils, cut out

3/ Pin and sew your combo pieces to make each side

4/ Pin and sew each side together, inside out

5/ Depending on the finish you`d like on your bottom edge, either create a hollow hem that allows for cord to pull through – thus creating a drawstring bottom OR insert an elastic band/tie into one of the edge seams to tie around the end fabric once board is inside

6/ I also use a little padding in the nose for extra protection. This has always been old quilts or thick blankets. Sew into your fabric nose piece

What you`ll need:

card or newspaper // vivid pen // fabric scissors // old, vintage fabrics // sewing machine // pins

I have an overlocker which finishes seams nicely and use elastic straps to tie around the bottom of the sock – practical, easy to use, no fuss.

Rad bags are perfect for keeping wax off other gear in your travel board bag, and making your boards look pretty when stored in your room or thrown in the car for a surf.

*Have any other DIY ideas or projects? Love to hear them here.


  1. Ata-chan

    Love your work Danni Chan!! Just love it!! Love u lots xxx

  2. Love this! Don’t know why I’ve never thought to make my own board bag! I definitely will be pulling out my huge stash of fabric and putting it to use. Surfy craftiness = ❤

  3. Mr. Reef

    getting a sewing machine this weekend, excited to try this!

  4. bumble

    Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Sanne

    Which kind of fabric do you need to make this?

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