Based in the creative hub of Byron Bay Surfkini designer, Alana Martinero, has sourced high quality Italian lycra for her bikini line. This is felt the instant you try it on – it just feels good. There are no ties around the neck in any of the top styles, and she offers a few different pant cuts depending on your mood/bum-flashing-confidence levels. As a surf guide in the tropics, the feature I`m most excited about are the interior ties in each pair of bottoms – a necessity when  surfing waves with punch. Manufacturing in Bali ensures she can rigorously test R+D in good waves and keep in close contact with her supplier.

Surfkini features:

imported Italian lycra (woven elastic)

no neck ties – think cross back styles

interior ties in every pair of bottoms

* We talked story with Alana here. Photography courtesy of Daniel Hewitt and Marina Soul.

Alana would like to thank her lovely models: Diva, Malin, Maria, Sabrina and Jesse – all surfers yeow


  1. haylee

    Calavera Swimwear has amazing bathing suits for surfing as well. Definitely a brand to check out!

  2. Thanks Haylee – I`ve heard about Calavera. Do you have a pair? I`d be stoked to know how they actually fit and wear in the surf.

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