I love love love massages but what can we do inbetween sessions with a therapist? Try a massage ball to stimulate blood flow and ease tension in muscles. They are particularly drool-inducing when rolled over the neck, shoulder and back areas that are prone to tension and tight spots in surfers and paddlers.

There are a plethora of online stores you can purchase all sorts of massage balls from but we`ve found two different types we`re putting on our wishlist…

Introducing the t-spherearomatherapy infused massage balls made from a combination of organic rubber and essential oils. With 18 years of experience, t-spheres were created by massage therapist, Stephanie Whittier, and are available in a few different oils depending on your preferred pick-me-up, including: peppermint, lavender, rose geranium and grapefruit. Functional and delicious! Available Down Under through the EMP online store or t-sphere`s online store for those north of the equator.

Acupressure balls can have up to 230 raised points on the surface to help stimulate trigger points on our body, particularly hands and feet. Increased blood flow helps reduce muscle tension while the raised points stimulate sensory organs thereby increasing the efficiency of the nervous system. We found these ones at AOK Health: made in Australia from medical grade PVC, and now  BPA and Pthalate free.

Of course, there is always a DIY option (perfect for when you`ve spent all your doneros on plane tickets) and in this case a humble tennis ball will suffice – it`s cheap and does the trick!

*Do you have any advice or DIY tips on personal training? We`d love to hear from you here.

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  1. Brilliant. Going to try that tennis ball.

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