The author at work in the Maldives. Muther of All Things rashshirt, KALi bikini bottoms.

There is a shift happening in female surfwear and surf girls are growing up. Raised on the lifestyle marketing and products of the big  mainstream brands, the girls of yesterday are the women now leading this change to individual and fashion-forward style in the water.

Tie-dye rashshirts, colour-blocked wetsuits, handmade swimwear, and artist`s prints on lycra are emerging from a growing number of independent and on-trend female designers across the globe. As discerning female surfers, while we need the functionality of swimwear that stays on we also want it to look good.  Cheekier bottom cuts are being embraced more and more outside of Hawaii and Brazil, while top designs are becoming more robust and functional for staying on in decent-sized surf yet still retaining fashion-forward styles.

Who is leading this revolution of style in the lineup? The women themselves. Echoing the change in surf fashion over the last few years from hibiscus flowers and logo-driven branding to a more street/high-fashion influence, are emerging independent brands and designers such as KALi (NZ), The Seea (California), Muther Of All Things (Australia), Alexandra Cassiniti (California), Tallow (Australia), and Candy Wetsuits (Hawaii). All are designed by chicks who surf and/or have a deep affinity with the sea and a surf lifestyle. They also share a common goal of providing something different from the mainstream for women who surf. Individuality rules and the number of stylish surf wahine out there is growing.

It is Salt Gypsy`s aim to showcase and promote this growing number of emerging brands and designers so if you know of anyone making sick surfwear, please let us know here.


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